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E&P clients require balance sheet protection for the exploratory and developmental wells they drill. GSR provides insurance products and engineering support services that deliver this protection.

Target Classes:

Specifically designed for North American land based Oil & Gas Lease Operations and Non-Operators

Coverage Features & Benefits:

Provides coverage for Operators Extra Expense (OEE), General Liability, and Umbrella

Operators Extra Expense (OEE):

  • Up to $50M combined single limit
  • Up to $15M limit for Care, Custody, & Control (CCC)
  • Loss Prevention services
  • Strategic relationship with Boots & Coots incorporating Loss Prevention Services and Post Event Services
    • Critical Well Assistance – Operators are eligible for up to 48 hours of free engineering assistance from Boots & Coots who will mobilize to the wellsite where necessary
    • “Pay on Behalf of” as opposed to an indemnity agreement
    • Approved/agreed invoices paid directly to vendor(s)
    • Invoice Compilation and Tracking
    • Pre-Approved vendors and pricing
    • Field Procurement and Logistics

General Liability:

  • Pollution Clean-Up Costs Endorsement
  • 30 day discovery / 120 days reporting period
  • Including First Party clean-up costs
  • Underground Resources & Property Damage included
  • Hired & Non-Owned auto coverage available
  • Limits $1M per occurrence / $2M aggregate


  • Full Follow Form including Pollution
  • Excess can write over OEE, GL and other liability coverages
  • Limit up to $25M


Brad Nehring, CUO

Helen Tarr, SVP

Connie Garrett, Senior Underwriter

Justin Jenkins, Underwriter

Pam Roberts, Underwriter

Matt McDougald, Underwriter

Debbie Cambre, Underwriter

Debbie Maddox, Underwriter

Jeremy Fyhn, Underwriter

Target Classes:

Specifically designed for Worldwide Oil & Gas Lease Operators and Non-Operators both Onshore and Offshore who require significant risk management services.

Coverage Features & Benefits:

  • Up to $75M Combined Single Limit, higher capacity available upon request
  • Up to $15M limit for Care, Custody, and Control (CCC)

Strategic Partnership with Boots & Coots incorporating loss prevention and post event response services:

Loss Prevention:

  • Wellsite audits – onshore & offshore including tubing, rig flow back, snubbing, workovers, completions, well head, and Frac
  • Risk assessments
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Well Control contingency plans
  • Well plan reviews
  • Critical well assistance – Up to 72 hours of free engineering assistance from Boots & Coots who will mobilize to the wellsite where necessary

Loss Response:

  • “Pay on Behalf of” as opposed to an indemnity agreement
  • Equipment procurement and logistics
  • Pre-approved vendors and pricing agreements
  • Blow-Out management team mobilized with one phone call
  • Invoice compilation and tracking
  • Direct invoice payment to vendors and underwriters


Helen Tarr, SVP

Justin Jenkins, Underwriter

Jeremy Fyhn, Underwriter

Brad Nehring, Chief Underwriting Officer

GSR’s Upstream and Wellsure programs deliver a suite of essential services through our strategic partnership with Boots & Coots, one of the world’s premier well control companies:

  • 24 Hour dedicated contact line for claims or other needed services:
  • Free Engineering Services:
    • 48 Hours (Upstream Solutions)
    • 72 Hours (Wellsure)
  • Loss Prevention Services
  • Post Event Services
  • Emergency Response
  • Critical Well Assistance – will Mobilize to Wellsite
  • Well Control Contingency Plan
  • Well Plan Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Wellsite Audit – Onshore or Offshore
  • Continuing Education Services

GSR is dedicated to providing our agent partners superior claims service for all client claims-related activities.

Our Claims department is located in our main office in Houston. We are available to work alongside our agent partners in all aspects of the claims process including:

  • 1st Notice of Claim Reporting
  • Ongoing status of Open Claims
  • Work directly with our Underwriters for any coverage discussions
  • Act as a single point of contact for the entire claim settlement process

Please contact:

Chris Zuniga – Claims Manager


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