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E&P clients require balance sheet protection for the exploratory and developmental wells they drill. GSR provides insurance products and engineering support services that deliver this protection.

Target Classes:

Specifically designed for US land based Oil & Gas Lease Operations and Non-Operators

Coverage Features & Benefits:

Provides coverage for Operators Extra Expense (OEE), General Liability, and Umbrella

Operators Extra Expense (OEE):

  • Up to $50M combined single limit
  • Up to $15M limit for Care, Custody, & Control (CCC)
  • Loss Prevention services
  • Strategic relationship with Boots & Coots incorporating Loss Prevention Services and Post Event Services
    • Critical Well Assistance – Operators are eligible for up to 48 hours of free engineering assistance from Boots & Coots who will mobilize to the wellsite where necessary
    • “Pay on Behalf of” as opposed to an indemnity agreement
    • Approved/agreed invoices paid directly to vendor(s)
    • Invoice Compilation and Tracking
    • Pre-Approved vendors and pricing
    • Field Procurement and Logistics

General Liability:

  • Pollution Clean-Up Costs Endorsement
  • 30 day discovery / 120 days reporting period
  • Including First Party clean-up costs
  • Underground Resources & Property Damage included
  • Hired & Non-Owned auto coverage available
  • Limits $1M per occurrence / $2M aggregate


  • Full Follow Form including Pollution
  • Excess can write over OEE, GL and other liability coverages
  • Limit up to $25M


Brad Nehring, CUO

Helen Tarr, SVP

Connie Garrett, Assistant Vice President

Misty Delph, Senior Underwriter

Pam Roberts, Underwriter

Debbie Cambre, Underwriter

Jeremy Fyhn, Underwriter

Target Classes:

Specifically designed for Worldwide Oil & Gas Lease Operators and Non-Operators both Onshore and Offshore who require significant risk management services.

Coverage Features & Benefits:

  • Up to $75M Combined Single Limit, higher capacity available upon request
  • Up to $15M limit for Care, Custody, and Control (CCC)

Strategic Partnership with Boots & Coots incorporating loss prevention and post-event response services:

Loss Prevention:

  • Wellsite audits – onshore & offshore including tubing, rig flow back, snubbing, workovers, completions, wellhead, and Frac
  • Risk assessments
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Well Control contingency plans
  • Well plan reviews
  • Critical well assistance – Up to 72 hours of free engineering assistance from Boots & Coots who will mobilize to the wellsite where necessary

Loss Response:

  • “Pay on Behalf of” as opposed to an indemnity agreement
  • Equipment procurement and logistics
  • Pre-approved vendors and pricing agreements
  • Blow-Out management team mobilized with one phone call
  • Invoice compilation and tracking
  • Direct invoice payment to vendors and underwriters


Helen Tarr, SVP

Misty Delph, Senior Underwriter

Jeremy Fyhn, Underwriter

Brad Nehring, Chief Underwriting Officer

GSR’s Upstream and WELLSURE® programs deliver a suite of essential services through our strategic partnership with Boots & Coots, one of the world’s premier well control companies:

  • 24 Hour dedicated contact line for claims or other needed services:
  • Free Engineering Services:
    • 48 Hours (Upstream Solutions)
    • 72 Hours (WELLSURE®)
  • Loss Prevention Services
  • Post Event Services
  • Emergency Response
  • Critical Well Assistance – will Mobilize to Wellsite
  • Well Control Contingency Plan
  • Well Plan Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Wellsite Audit – Onshore or Offshore
  • Continuing Education Services

GSR is dedicated to providing our agent partners superior claims service for all client claims-related activities.

Our Claims department is located in our main office in Houston. We are available to work alongside our agent partners in all aspects of the claims process including:

  • 1st Notice of Claim Reporting
  • Ongoing status of Open Claims
  • Work directly with our Underwriters for any coverage discussions
  • Act as a single point of contact for the entire claim settlement process

Please contact:

Chris Zuniga – Claims Manager


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