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The Energy and Marine market sectors are always evolving, and, as a result, new and unique insurance products emerge frequently. Our team delivers innovative specialty products to tackle your developing and difficult-to-place risks.

Energy Consultants Target Classes:

Oil & Gas, Offshore, Energy Recruitment Firms, On-Site Project Management, Loss Adjusters, Environmental Surveyors, Inspectors, Office & Laboratory, Health & Safety, Procurement & Logistics, Geologists

Marine Consultants Target Classes:

Ocean & Inland Marine, Ship Managers & Agents, Marine Surveyors, Marine Loss Adjusters, Yacht Brokers & Agents, Crew Agents, P&I Correspondents, Forwarding Agents, Oil Spill Response Contractors

Coverage Features & Benefits:

  • Combines General Liability and Professional Liability into one form allowing for greater cost savings, simplified underwriting, and claims handling experience
  • G/L & Professional Combined Single Limit
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Pollution can be added with no additional premium
  • 1099 Consultants treated as employees
  • Umbrella includes professional liability
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage available
  • General Liability and Professional Liability limits of $1M – $2M aggregate with pollution coverage included if selected
  • Umbrella limits up to $20M


Brad Nehring, CUO

John Michel, SVP

Connie Garrett, Senior Underwriter

Target Classes:

Accounts of all sizes across all energy sectors including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Alternative, Manufacturing, and others.

Customized 1st and 3rd Party Cyber Insurance Products:

  • 1st Party cyber exposures to business enterprise risk
  • Immediate access to named vendor panels – Ability to access vendors for initial 72 hours before having to notify the insurer
  • Broad non-physical damage triggers for Business Interruption
  • Business Interruption coverage can extend to named IT vendors
  • Tailored Privacy Breach management and liability coverage
    • Crisis response costs included
  • Full Cyber cover up to $25M
  • The ability to write all sized accounts across all Energy sectors including: Oil & Gas, Utilities, Alternative, Manufacturing, and others
  • Global service capabilities are backed by best-in-class vendor solutions for: IT Services, Legal, and Breach Response Services.

Business Interruption & System Restoration (including loss or corruption of data or software):

  • Crisis Response
    • To engage IT Specialists and overtime costs of employees to identify and seek an end to an extortion or a ransom request
  • Computer System Interruption
    • Loss of Net Income covers the difference in forecasted net income (before taxes) and realized net income as a result of the cyber event
  • Data & Software restoration
    • Additional Operating Costs include:
      • Staff costs
      • Costs to procure product or service to meet contractual obligations
      • Service credits or contractual penalties
      • Professional fees to review or audit the System Interruption
      • Switching to a different IT vendor
    • Crisis Response to engage IT Specialists and overtime costs of employees to identify and seek an end to an extortion or a ransom request
    • Costs of repairing, restoring, re-collecting or reconstructing data or software affected by a cyber event, including:
      • Employing contract staff and specialists as needed to help with restoration
      • Licenses to reinstall affected software applications

Privacy Breach:

  • Liability arising from a Privacy Breach or Network Security Event:
    • Privacy Breach management
      • To cover the cost of Legal and PR consultation to manage through the Cyber Event
      • Costs to notify clients of a Privacy Breach and setting up call centers
      • Providing credit monitoring and ID theft insurance to affected 3rd parties
      • Defense costs and damages for a Privacy Breach which includes any unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable information (including banking information) and corporate information
    • Privacy Breach Liability
      • Defense costs and damages for a Network Security Event which includes any:
        • Transmission of a malicious code software, or virus
        • Unauthorized access by 3rd party to data
        • The inability by an authorized 3rd party to access data
      • Privacy Breach Fines & Penalties
        • Defense costs
        • Fines and penalties (where insurable by law) incurred as part of a Regulatory Investigation as a result of a Privacy Breach or Network Security Event

Additional Coverages:

  • Digital Media Liability Coverage
    • Liability for certain acts, committed in the course of the performance of digital media activities to include:
      • Defamation, libel, slander,
      • Unintentional infringement of copyright, plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation or theft of content, concepts or ideas
      • Infringement or interference with rights of privacy or publicity
      • Public disclosure of private facts,
      • Intrusion and commercial appropriation of name, persona or likeness

Cyber Extortion

  • A threat to release or destroy data, introduce a malicious code, corrupt or damage the system, imitate the insured for the purposes of phishing, or actually restricting or hindering access to the company’s computer system
  • Crisis Response to engage crises negotiators, and IT Specialists to determine the cause and end an extortion or ransom event
  • Costs of any payments to end an extortion or ransom event


Brad Nehring, CUO

Connie Garrett, Senior Underwriter

Jin Na, Underwriter

Key Classes:

  • Explorations services
  • Offshore/on-shore well drilling engineers
  • Sub-sea production systems and well design
  • Oil/gas filed development systems
  • Floating production, storage & offshore loading (FPSO’s)
  • On-shore oil refining & gas processing plants
  • Oil & Gas Transport systems
  • Corrosion & Protection systems
  • Hydraulic fracking


  • E&O Claims made / GL ISO occurrence
  • BI & PD from professional services
  • Pollution available
  • Consequential loss coverage available
  • US domiciled firms with Worldwide coverage territory

Program Highlights:

  • Professional E&O
    • Limits Available $1,000,000
    • Minimum Premium: $3,000
  • Commercial General Liability
    • Limits Available: 1,000,000
    • Minimum Premium: $10,000
  • Umbrella (Option to include E&O within limits)
    • Limits Available: $10,000,000


Brad Nehring, CUO

Connie Garrett, Senior Underwriter


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